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Shanxi noodle making lesson for Gunther and Heidy from Belgium

Issuing time:2018-12-02 22:55

We have to say the noodle making lesson is good for the tourstis from overseas. Due to the climate, the noodle is very famous in Shanxi, because of the local farm plant the winter wheat here, and make 108 kinds of noodles by the flour.

We made 11 noodles with different kitchen staff, choping knife, chopsticks, rolling stick, bown and even without any tools. The noodles are following:

---Mao Er Duo which looking like the cat ear, this is why we named it Mao er duo.

---Longevity Noodle this is the noodle for the birthday celebration in China, named   Changshoumian in Chinese.

---Qingeda, left hand hold the dough, and use two fingures to press it thin and pull out the small piece.

---Jiandaomian, just use the scissor to cut it out.

---Daoxiaomian, which also named Flying Noodle.

---Liuyemian , which named willow leaf shape noodle

---Cuoyu, which named fish shape noodle

There are still have more kinds of the noodles not mentioned here, just two many.

We usually eat the noodle for our lunch in nothe of China, with the pork sauce, tomato sauce. Different weather we cook the different noodle to eat. Noodle soup for cold weather, and cool noodle for the summer. I t is great experience to try in Pingyao.

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