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what is special food in Pingyao?

Issuing time:2018-02-04 11:40


1. Buckwheat Noodle which looks like the honeycomb in picture of the restaurant in Pingyao, I suggest you to order the fried one which is much nicer than the steamed one with tomato and vinegar sauce.

Go to the Dejuanyuan Restaurant to try this noodle. The menu name of the noodle dish is Fried Mounatin Noodle with Onion and Coriandor

2. Winter Wheat Noodles can be different shape, Cats ear shaped noodle, willow leaf shape, long noodle, short noodle, and you can see many restaurant cooking the flying noodles.

Go to the Yide Hotel to try this noodle, it is real one which made by hand and fresh enough, and my favoriate one that is fried noodle with pork, it is possible to order the fried noodle with vegetable. They also serve the best Pingyao beef dish in Pingyao.

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