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what highlights I should visit in Pingyao

Issuing time:2018-02-04 11:38

There are 22 places to visit inside the old city. but much more are similar, you can choose the following sights to visit:

  1. Rishengchang bank museum

  2. West and south street

  3. Armed escort agency

  4. City wall (Soth gate part, it is best view)

  5. Confucius Temple

  6. City God Temple

The ticket for above sights also cover the other sights inside the city wall, you can use it for three days, and just once enter for each sights.  

There are two temples is very nice locted outside of the ancient city, one is named Shuanglin Temple which is 8km far away. and another one named Zhenguo Temple which is 12km far away. It is very old temple with special colourful sculptures from later Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming   and Qing Dynasty. If you have a time to visit, don't miss it.

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