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Day trip to mianshan from Pingyao
  • Available: Daily

    Duration: 8hours

  • Starts/ends: On your request

  • Highlights: Dragon Head Temple, Daluo Palace, Sky bridge, Qixian Canyon(optional), Yunfeng Temple, Z shape staires, Shuitao valley



Our guide and driver will meet you at your hotel at 08:30.then drive 50 minutes to Mianshan. Your guide will help you get the entrance tickets and Mountain Bus tickets by the fast way.

Start to visit the Mianshan Sights with your private guide at 10:00am.

Shui Tao Valley (Shui Tao Gou)

It is the natural spot with different tree, stream,stone step and water fall, it is good place to hike along the stream and take some photoes of the landscape. It is oxygen bar. Spend an hour here.

Sky Bridge (Tian Qiao)

Sky Bridge, also named Heavenly Bridge. You could not imaging what feeling when you climb up and stand on the narrow and high bridge. This is new bridge, original one can back to 1500 years ago. Inside the bridge, also show the statues of the Taoist God, after you climb up, you will see the big snake which is the trap built by Shijintan for against with invaders. Get in with flash light, and watch your step and mind your head. You need about 1 hours for this sight.

Da Luo Palace (Da Luo Gong)

Daluo palace which is biggest Taoist building in China. It is so magnificent after restored, and the guide know the best angle to take the picture of this buidling). With your private guide, you can see a lot of the taoist gods, from Money god to Water, Earth and Heavn God etc. From side way to see, just looks like the big building on the back of the lion.It is one of the famous view at Mianshan.

Qi Xian Canyon (Qi Xian Gu)-Optional sight

Qixian Canyon is sight for the young tourists not for senior tourists. It is dangerous for everyone, this is optional sight, you can decide to do or not. The simple iron stairs just koncked in the rock cliff and the water just falling down under your feet, and your both hands need to hold the iron chain tightly. I suggest you just try a bit, take picture then back down from other side (some part is one way, some part is two ways.)

Yufeng Temple and Z-shape Stairs

Yunfeng Temple is nearly 1400 years old temple but not all of the building here. When you look up, you can see many bells on the cliff, it is the praying bells, people made the wish, and the staff went up ang hang the bell there. Sometimes, you can see how they hang the bell there. up to the temple and have a walk along the road and reach at Z-shape Stairs, up to first turn then go back down for taking the bus.

Dragon Head Temple (Long Tou Si)

Dragon Head temple is the begining of the Mianshan visiting, you can visit this first or end of the trip. They said Mianshan is the big dragon, here is the head of dragon. From this temple you can have a view of the village and field nearby.

Addtional Info

1. Please wear the comfortable hiking shoes or sport shoes.

2. Please take some snack with you, the food quality is not good there.

3. Please let you guide know you would like to visit and try to climb up the Qi xian canyon, so guide and arrange the time and set the visiting order.

4. Please let the guide to help you buy the ticket, because of we can help you save money. otherwise, you have to pay the guide entrance fee.

5. You have to take the mountain bus up to the mountain from tourist center and visit these sights by mountain bus too.

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