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Taiyuan is the capital of Shanxi Province, with 5 million population and history can back 2500 years ago. Taiyuan has another name: Dragon City (Longcheng). But not much historical building left now.

There are Twin Pagoda Temple with Peony Flower which will blossm in May, and one month later than Luoyan Peony.

Jinci Temple is very old temple and history can back to 3000 years ago with the best sculputures from Song Dynasty, and never aging spring, Zhou Dynasty Cypress.

Chongshan Temple has only one main buidling left, but you can not miss this temple when you are traveing in Taiyuan.

Shanxi Museum consists of all the things from Shanxi, it is good place to understand and learn Shanxi, you need at least 4 hours to visit, and just select the main one you would like to visit.

If you would like to try many local food, you should go to the Food Street, Shi Ping Jin in Chinese.

Taiyuan Airport

1. Taiyuan Wusu Airport

2. Taiyuan Yaocheng Airport

Taiyuan Railway Sation

1. Taiyuan Station

2. Taiyuan Nan Station ( Taiyuan South Station )

Taiyuan Highlights

1. Taiyuan Twin Pagoda Temple ( Shuang Ta Si )

2. Jinci Temple ( Jinci )

3. Tian Long Shan Grottoes   ( Tian Long Shan Shi Ku )

4. Chongshan Temple   ( Chong Shan Si )

5. Liu Xian Street ( Liu Xian )

6. Food Street   ( Shi Ping Jie )

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