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Car Rental Servcie with reliable driver and low cost.
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Taxi Service from Pingyaogucheng Station to Pingyao Hotel  
Availability: Daily

If you do not speaking chinese, and worried you do not know what is the good way from Pingyaogucheng station to your hotel inside the Pingyao City Wall, and this is the good servcie for you.

Our guide will hold   a placard with your name to meet you at outside of exit to meet you then drive you to your hotel. Because of our taxi have a special permit, so the driver can drive you into old city and show you the hotel.

Leave your hotel name, and arrival train number when you book this servcie, you can choose what kind of vehicles you would like and depends on how many luggages you have, we accept the last minuts booking.

5 Seats Car for 4 persons, 2   luggages

7 Seats Van for 6 persons,6   luggages


1. private vehicle and driver for picking up (one way)

2. drive into the old city and drop off you at your hotel


1. Hotel fee

2. Any meals

3. Gratuity (optional)

If you are taveling more than 6 perosn, please contact us to get price